We (Adam and Niki) have a small screen-printing studio located in Victoria, Canada.

We started this business shortly after a seven year stint running our own retail shop in Vancouver called ‘my orange bag’.  We loved every minute of that business – the people that we met, the vibrant daily experiences, the other days that were more reflective, the local designers that we met, and the amount of learning and personal growth that came out of it. But after having a child the demands of retail were  – simply too demanding!  We moved away from the city and that business to refocus and built a more balanced life where quality-of-life was a larger focus.

While running that shop we always dabbled in projects and products.  We even tried a bit of screen-printing, although results were mediocre at best.  But we were so excited by the printing process – and by the endless possibilities of self-expression.  And so, through the desire to learn new things, and the constant need to create – the seed of this new business was formed.

That was over 3 years ago.

Our vision is larger than where we are today, but we are so excited to be on this path. We hand-print all our items with care.  We take pride in the printing skills and the precision that we offer.  All of our artwork is designed in-house with many new additions keeping it fresh each season.

We hope that you find something here that you love.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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